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Why Harcourts Melbourne City?

The Harcourts brand
The name "Harcourts" is one of the most recognised in Real Estate. People associate the name with a dynamic, progressive yet respected and experienced real estate business. For prospective clients this validates their confidence in you as a Harcourts real estate agent.

It's all about people
Successfully buying and selling real estate is mostly about fulfilling people's needs and aspirations. That's why Harcourts people not only receive in-depth professional training (the benchmark for the industry) but are also committed to building meaningful and genuine personal relationships with their clients. And the huge volume of referrals and repeat business generated is proof that this works to everyone's satisfaction.

Professional development
Training and support is fundamental to the success of any real estate business. Through the Harcourts Academy accredited trainers provide industry leading programs for continuing professional development for principals, managers and their staff to ensure that listing, selling and property management skills are maintained and improved.

Technology and systems
Harcourts is at the forefront of Real Estate technology with a huge range of propriety software including Listing systems, client management and personal marketing, and property campaign management.

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Staff Testimonials

Joining the Harcourts team was a simple decision. I had worked alongside Dionne Wilson in the early years of my real estate career where she became my mentor. Dionne is an extremely passionate leader; she doesn’t do anything in halves, she is appreciative, generous to her team and knows how to have fun especially when it comes to corporate themed events and milestone birthdays. Working alongside such a hands on business owner is a joy every day, there is direction, support, positivity and determination to be the very best in our local marketplace.

Vicki Lekanis – General Manager – Harcourts Melbourne City 


Working for Dionne has been a rare pleasure, determined and hardworking she leads the team and never asks anything she would not gladly do as well. Her strategies for taking staff from “cold to gold” are as relevant for fresh faced industry new comers as they are to grizzled veterans and I attribute my success in a challenging market to her systems and determination to be the best. She exemplifies the virtues of hard work and fun and laughter and I can’t think of an office that provides a better work life balance.

James Edmundson - Senior Sales Agent - Harcourts Melbourne City


As a new starter to the office and the industry I have had great support and coaching from Dionne. Dionne operates an office which is effective and efficient with systems and processes and she is very clear with her instruction and is positive and encouraging.  

Oliver Curnow – PA to Senior Sales Consultant - Harcourts Melbourne City 


In my Career I have always felt a sense of intimidation toward any director of a business I have worked for. The day I started with Dionne I felt a sense of equality and belonging with a privilege to be working for one of the most intelligent women I have ever met! (True story). She makes the workplace fun and ambient while maintaining a professional and top performing business. Dionne, being so experienced and knowledgeable I find comfort in the training and guidance she has provided me for my role and to have a leader so approachable brings reassurance when opening up about whatever may be on my mind. I feel my career is excelling greatly by having Dionne as my mentor. 

Thomas Scofield – Client Care Consultant - Harcourts Melbourne City 


Dionne has been extremely supportive and encouraging since I started working with Harcourts City Residential. Being the kind of person who triple checks things to make sure I have it absolutely correct, Dionne is very patient and always puts her personal life aside to help out and assist me when I need her. It really shows that she spent the first 12 years of her real estate career out in the field in both sales and property management. Every hurdle I have come across, Dionne has seen it before and will always have a solution or strategy to overcome any obstacle. It has been an invaluable experience working for Dionne it has allowed me to hone my sales skills and taught me so much about real estate. I am very lucky to have a boss like Dionne.

Bob Budd - Sales Consultant - Harcourts Melbourne City 


Dionne is a natural born leader. I admire her highly motivated attitude and the success she has achieved in the real estate industry. She has the patience of a saint and is always willing to help no matter how big or small the hurdle is. She shares all her success and knowledge with the team, which I feel helps us achieve goals and maximize our potential. She always has our best interests at heart. I am happy to be part of the Harcourts Melbourne City team and am lucky to have a boss like Dionne. 

Aideen Gubbins – Sales Administrator – Harcourts Melbourne City 


Dionne has been a great manager/leader for her staff. She works on her employees’ weaknesses and motivates her staff to overcome every difficulty or hurdle that they come across. Ever since I started working with her, I have always seen her as an inspiration. Dionne has always been very supportive and encouraging; she makes her staff set professional and personal goals and helps them to achieve them. She has guided me through every sphere of my life and I feel super lucky to have her around. 

Jasveen Sidhu – Property Manager – Harcourts Melbourne City 


Dionne is the best boss I’ve ever worked with. She’s very busy but she does a good job of closely supervising her team. She’s been always very nice to us and protect us under her wings. I know she appreciates the work I do and this obviously helps to motivate me and to strive to achieve my very best! I appreciate that we can work for her. 

Faye Wang – Sales Consultant – Harcourts Melbourne City 


Dionne has set her sight high on achieving the highest standard in real estate industry. She is always there for the team whenever we need someone to turn to for help. Dionne’s professional approach, timely guidance and support has made it so much easier for me to learn and develop in the sales position. I am extremely lucky to be part of her fun loving, crazy, ace TEAM. 

Rachel Niu – Sales Consultant – Harcourts Melbourne City


After working with Dionne it becomes crystal clear that her highly motivated attitude is focused on achieving a standard that is synonymous with being an industry leader. This is apparent through her understanding of the importance of investing time in training and personal development of her staff, and her optimism to recognise and encourage enthusiasm over experience within a challenging industry. Dionne is easily approachable and helpful which I've found to be a refreshing experience in a fast paced workplace 

Jim de la Harpe - Sales Consultant - Harcourts Melbourne City


Dionne has always been very supportive and encouraging to all her staff. Her persistence and perseverance is the driving force behind the success of our office. 

Jewel Sun - Sales Consultant - Harcourts Melbourne City