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Stuart Kennett

Stuart Kennett

Stuart Kennett


Having working in the C.B.D Melbourne for over 17 years, Stuart has reveled in the competitive environment and quid pro quo building of long lasting relationships that are the hallmark of good service.


“Nobody wants to go home thinking they haven’t achieved the best result possible, it just made sense to choose an industry leader, in order to give the best results for my clients”.


Born and bred in Melbourne, Stuart enjoys all things sport, great dining experiences and quality time with his daughter. Before having his daughter, Stuart was quite taken with inner city living and now seeks to reinvigorate that love by connecting sellers, with the right buyers for the right properties.


'It's true, Stuart was selected for his ability to deliver the result we desired. From the start we were confident we would sell with Harcourts Melbourne City. Stuart Kennett had proven himself in the lead up time, with positive results in the same building, prior to us appointing him as our agent and were confident he would do the same for us. The result came and we couldn't have been happier. We found him to be a confident operator, well versed in the market and realistic. He told us what was required and how to achieve a positive result. Thanks Stuart'



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